Dr. Sonia García-Carpintero Fernández-Pacheco

Postdoctoral researcher – Material Chemistry

E-mail: Sonia.Garcia(at)uclm.es     Telephone: +34 926295300

Dr. Sonia García-Carpintero received her PhD, after her stay at TNO in the Netherlands, with International Mention from the University of Cordoba in 2017. She then joined the group of oxidative stress and neurodegeneration (GEON) at the Faculty of Medicine of Ciudad Real, focusing, among others, on the role of Ubiquinol in Alzheimer’s disease. During her time at GEON, she published several high impact articles, including one first author, and also specialised in immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical techniques, as well as western blotting, cell culture management, cytometry and the use of confocal microscopy. In 2020 she joined the MSOC Nanochemistry group through a project funded by the Horizon 2020 EU programme “Graphene Flagship Core2”. In this project, Dr. Sonia García-Carpintero studied the in vitro genotoxicity after chronic and low-dose exposures of different graphene-related materials in human keratinocyte cell models. As a result, a change in the cellular phenotype was observed that resembled that of tumour cells, so a study in Xenografs models was established. Another of Dr. Sonia García-Carpintero’s contributions to the project was metabolomic analysis studies after carbon 12 and 13 labelling in human keratinocyte cells. Following these contributions, several manuscripts are being prepared.
He is currently working on nanogenotoxicity of graphene-related materials and other 2D materials for potential applications in human health, funded by the European project “Graphene Flagship Core 3”.
During his scientific career he has acquired an h-index of 9.