José Manuel Moreno del Río



Research Support Staff – Material Organic Chemistry

E-mail: JoseM.MorenoRio(at)

José Manuel Moreno del Río, an ambitious and skilled young professional with experience in laboratory analysis and quality control in the food and beverage industry. During his internship at INALSA in Torrala de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, José conducted laboratory analysis of raw materials and finished products, utilizing various analytical methods to determine basic nutrients. He also developed a quality system for a new annex to the factory as part of his master’s thesis.

In addition to his experience at INALSA, José has also interned at Bodegas Yuntero in Manzanares, Ciudad Real, where he conducted daily control of grape fermentation process through chemical analysis and performed relevant chemical analysis to verify product values were within limits. José is proficient in laboratory analysis and analytical methods and is skilled in data analysis and interpretation. He is also proficient in using scientific software and tools for data analysis, and possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills.