Dr Viviana González Velázquez

QUESOS DON APOLONIOPostdoctoral researcher – Material Chemistry

E-mail: VivianaJ.Gonzalez(at)uclm.es     Telephone: +34 926295300    Ext. 96362

Viviana González graduated in Electronic Engineering from University of Aguascalientes (Mexico). Afterwards, she made her Ph.D. in the University Carlos III (Madrid) under the joint supervision of the Professors Juan Baselga LLido, Olga Martín Cádiz and Mauricio Terrones. Her thesis was involved principally in carbon nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, carbon nanoribbons and graphene; her principal focus is design new nanomaterials, synthesis using CVD, doping (Cl, N, O), purification, solubilization, characterization and functionalization (molecules as polysulphone, diaminophenyl sulphone; biomolecules as biotin, lignin; and nanoparticles as silver, copper, TiO2 and magnetite), with the principal purpose of application as sensors, biosensor, catalysis, and as fillers in polymers matrices with the finality to improve mechanical and electric properties also in parallel she obtained different structures by self-assembly.

During her entire Ph.D. thesis, she had the chance to collaborate and work with different research groups, especially with Dr. Mauricio Terrones group (in Pennsylvania and Japan), Dr. Carmen García group (University of Alcala), Dr. Sofia Vega group (in México), and recently with Dr. Rosa Fireman Dutra group (in Brasil) in which project they are working in biosensors, giving her a great personal enrichment.