Carlos Rivera Cabanillas

PhD student – Material Chemistry

E-mail: Carlos.Rivera(at)     Telephone: +34 926295300    Ext. 3503

Carlos Rivera Cabanillas (1959, Puertollano) entered the University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) in 1987, initially destined at the Polytechnic School of Almaden. Through the years, he has transferred between different faculties. Among those, in 1989, he moved to the Laboratory of Soil Science and Mineralogy, located in the School of Agricultural Engineering of Ciudad Real, in 1993 to the Laboratory of Applied Mineralogy, inside in the CICAT (Center for Scientific Instrumentation, Analysis and Technology). Finally, in 2004, he moved to the newly created Instrumentation Service at IRICA (Instituto Regional de Investigaciones Científicas Aplicadas[AMRG1] ), where he currently performs his activity as head of said Service, Specialist Technician.

He began my studies of Chemical Sciences at the UNED while working at our university, the UCLM. He finished his undergraduate degree in 1998, and he is currently pursuing his doctorate in the Sustainable Chemistry program at UCLM.

During my professional activity, he has collaborated in teaching practices and doctoral courses in different areas of the UCLM. He has also taught the Instrumental Methods Course for the Characterization of Raw Materials and Materials.

He has also participated in 59 research projects from 1989 to the present, especially in collaboration with regional companies, which as Instrumentation Service, we have helped on the research and development part of their business activity.

He has published in two publications in indexed prestigious scientific journals: 

  1. A. E. Mucientes, F. Santiago, A. Carrero, C. Rivera, Natural and Treated Hectorites/Poly(Sodium Acrylate) Hybrids: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties. Australian J. Chem. 201063, 1462-1470.
  2. F. Santiago, A. E. Mucientes, M. Osorio, C. Rivera, Preparation of composites and nanocomposites based on bentonite and poly(sodium acrylate). Effect of amount of bentonite on the swelling behaviour, European Polym.J.200743, 1–9 

As head of the IRICA Instrumentation Service, he supervised three technicians as assigned personnel and instrumental techniques (23 in total). All these techniques are offered to the university community and public organizations, and companies around the region and beyond. He is a proficient user of RX Diffraction, RX Fluorescence Spectrometry, Differential Thermal Analysis / Thermogravimetry, Physisorption and Porosity Analysis, and Granulometric Analysis through the Sedigraph method, Helium Pycnometry and Color Comparator Equipment.

His hobbies are artistic drawing and painting.

 [AMRG1]Es un nombre propio, con lo cual no se debe traducir