Carlos Martín Andreu

QUESOS DON APOLONIOMaster student – Organic Chemistry

E-mail: Carlos.Martin11(at)     Telephone: +34 926295300    Ext. 96362

Carlos Martín Andreu was born in La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo, Spain) in 1998. His Chemistry Degree was obtained in July 2020 at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM).

In June 2019, he started to work in a research laboratory for the first time performing the project ‘Preparation of hydrogels as sensors and metal extractors’ under the supervision of Prof. Ana Sánchez-Migallon Bermejo and Prof. Sonia Merino Guijarro.

This same month, he received a IRICA fellowship to synthesize hydrogels as sensors and to prepare few-layer Graphene.

In September 2019, he began his final degree project titled ‘Toxic substances in the environment’ in MSOC Nanochemistry group, also under the supervision of Prof. Sonia Merino Guijarro and Prof. Ana Sánchez-Migallon Bermejo. And, he successfully defended his final degree project in July 2020.

In September 2020, he started a Master’s degree in Chemistry Research performing the project ‘Multi-layered hydrogels for tissue engineering’ under the management of Prof. Ester Vázquez Fernández-Pacheco and Prof. Sonia Merino Guijarro.